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Internationally renowned yogini, Kali Ray (Swamini Kaliji), is the founder of TriYoga®, the art and science of Yogaflow®. The inspiration and guidance for TriYoga comes from Yogini Kaliji’s direct ongoing experience of kriyavati siddhi, kundalini energy manifesting as hatha yoga.

Taught in over 40 countries, TriYoga®, is a systematic comprehensive yoga method. The inherent characteristics of TriYoga are rhythmic breathing, wavelike spinal movements, the economy of motion, and relaxation-in-action.

Triyogaflows, opens up the energetic pathways, creating a seamless flow, which releases tensions from the body and mind, so a fully integrated state of self-surrender can be realized.

Regardless of age or condition, TriYogaflows® accommodates everyone.

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October 2018

Friday, 19th



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