Louanne Cho Yoga

Eleven Eleven

Wellness Centre

In 2011 I started the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, a private Yoga studio in Uptown New Orleans. Each class, whether individual or small group, is customized specifically so students can work towards achieving their personal goals with confidence.

Private Classes

All individual and group classes are held at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in Uptown New Orleans. Private classes and private group classes are offered to students who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere where they can practice mindfully at the level and pace that is appropriate for them. Students benefit significantly from private classes because of the personal attention given. When done regularly, the teacher has the opportunity to get to know each student on a more personal level and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Students will also gain a deeper inner awareness and be able to determine if what they are feeling in a specific pose is a healthy or harmful sensation.

Small group classes have the same benefits. Up to 10 students can work together and set goals on what they want to accomplish during their private class.

Classes are held by appointment.

7223 Pitt St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
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