Louanne Cho Yoga

Yoga with Weights

Yoga with Weights brings together the combined benefits of yoga with weight training. All levels are welcome and no yoga experience is necessary.

Yoga with Weights

Through a carefully designed program, participants achieve a high level of conditioning using 1-5-pound weights while executing specific yoga flows and postures. Simultaneously, muscle strengthening accompanied by stretching, improves flexibility, and range of motion in the joints. By strengthening the muscles that power the torso and trunk, the participant will develop a secure foundation to better support the spine, limbs, and head, leading to better balance and coordination. It can also address chronic issues that are caused by a weak back and abdomen.

With consistent practice, the challenge of yoga with weights has no limitations. As your strength and flexibility improve, you will be able to go deeper and longer into each pose.

This class is held at the following location:


Mondays, 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Studio D
Ochsner Fitness Center – Elmwood
1200 S. Clearview Pkwy
Harahan, LA 70123.

Free parking available in the main or rear parking lots.

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